Just a Series of Nights?

Hadn’t seen you

in ages

didn’t think I might

Glad it didn’t work

with my roommate

now to see you here, tonight

Realized it’s you

from afar, we said hi

danced all night

In your bed now

We read Naomi Klein

so tight

Just another night?

You built my couch

I bought you dinner

confessed our plights

I had your record

never listened, but said

it’s alright

Unsure about it

you stayed removed

Am I alright?

We saw that one film

danced in Detroit

amongst blight

Then we came together

Simultaneous feeling

Deff not trite

Then you said those two words,

Just friends

I’m not alright.

Thinking back to this weekend

First time I actually thought

I just might

Feelings developing, ones I tried to suppress

Was it love?

Not quite

Just a series of nights.

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